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Residential and Commercial orders for External and Internal applications. SGP & PVB

SGP (SentryGlas Plus) laminated glass is a strong and durable type of glass made by placing a special ion polymer film, known as SGP, between two layers of glass. This makes SGP laminated glass much stronger than other types of laminated glass. Specifically, it can bear twice as much weight, bends less, and is five times harder to tear than PVB laminated glass. SGP is especially useful for outdoor railings, providing extra strength and safety. It can also be combined with heat-treated and toughened glass to create a secure, hard-to-break panel that stays intact even when broken. A common choice for railings more than 1 meter off the ground is a 13.52mm thick glass composed of two 6mm toughened glass layers with a 1.52mm SGP layer in between, though the exact makeup may vary based on specific engineering requirements.

PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral), on the other hand, is a tough plastic resin used to bond two glass panes together. It's produced by reacting polyvinyl alcohol with butyraldehyde. The PVB resin is placed between the glass layers, and then heat and pressure are applied to fuse them into a single laminated sheet. PVB is known for its safety features, sound insulation, clear visibility, and protection against UV rays. However, it doesn't perform well in moist environments as it can separate from the glass over time. Therefore, PVB is typically recommended for use inside buildings where it's protected from the elements.

With a 20 square meter minimum order, take advantage of our cost savings and quick turnaround, and beat local prices by up to 35%.


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